domingo, 3 de febrero de 2008

Una conversacion con mi otro yo...

domingo, 3 de febrero de 2008
Came across the transcript of a very interesting radio brodcast on psychopathy. The programme which aired back in March 2002 was introduced as follows:

"In fiction there's been Hannibal Lecter and American Psycho. In real life, the legacy of notorious serial killer Ted Bundy still resonates. But how much can we believe of Hollywood's Tinseltown representations of psychopaths? What is it that defines psychopathic personality? Is it a distinct psychological state? And what hope for a cure?"

The show features the thoughts and views of Dr James Blair and Stuart Skinner. At the time, Dr Blair was a Senior Lecturer at the Insitute of Cognitive Neuroscience University College London and Stuart Skinner was a researcher in Forensic Psychology at the School of Psychology University of Queensland.

**In the Car**

Mike : Why do you fight it so hard, Luch?
Luch: Courage to change the things I can...
Mike : Come on, you've been a good boy for a long time, you deserve a little fun.
Luch: ... and Wisdom to know the difference
Mike: Come on, Luch, give yourself a break, you know you want to do this.
Luch: No!!
Mike: You're the fucking man, you deserve it. It's not like it's not set up. You already know how to by-pass the alarm, you know how to pick the locks. Tonight's the perfect night... come on.
Luch: No, Mike, I said 'no'!
Mike: I heard you, Luch, but you don't mean 'no'.

** A femanine voice interrups Luch's conversation with Mike**

Judie: What's the matter?
Luch: Nothing.
Judie: You were frowning.
Luch: I was thinking of what I didn't said in the meeting.
Judie: They laughed, they were touched, I don't think anyone felt left out.
Luch: Maybe...

**Conversation with Mike goes on**

Mike: They have their dance class tonight. What if we go by and just look at them. There's no harm in just having a look.
Luch: No means 'no', Mike.
Mike: Please... pretty please.
Luch: look!
Mike: Just imagining what they would look like, well, you know!
Luch: I can't do this, I can't do this, I can't do this, please don't let me do this, God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change...
Mike: Do not fight it Luch... we can do this and we are.
Luch: Don't do this, don't do this, please don't do this, don't do this, don't do, please don't do this...
Mike: Oh Lordy, Luch my boy, I've missed this! We are going to have so much fun because the lion sleeps tonight!

** Luch is looking the highway, trees, animals.... cars, people**

Luch: This is the last time, Mike. Understand me?! The very last time!
Mike: Yes my dear friend, if you said so.
Luch: I meant it!
Mike: Don't you even think about it, don't be a pussy, be a man!
Luch: Don't you dare quit on me, you piece of shit. I can't to see what they're doing by myself!
Mike: Gosh....and I thought you were a man.I was wrong again fuck face.

** Time past by.... 3 hours laters**

Mike: These pigs liked to fuck with the blinds open, you should have known that, Luch. This is a big mistake for you, Luch.
Luch: Almost like I want to get caught, huh, Mike?
Mike: Well, don't fucking do that. I don't think either of us would enjoy spending the rest of our lives in jail or a lethal injection.
Luch: me neither Mickey.
Mike: Do not call me like that please, you know i hate it!

** Back at Home**

Luch: Please forgive me... Please forgive me...
Mike: Don't even think about it. You know the rules. Now go up and make love to him...
Luch: I can't. He left me... a few weeks ago.
Mike: Then we must go after him, make him pay
Luch: No, There is no way i am gonna do that Mike, not to him.
Mike: Ok ok, don't get all sentimental, i hate you for that.
Luch: I have to go Mike...tomorrows is a big day, my fisrt meeting.
Mike: Lies you tell.....

** In the meeting**

Luch: Hi, my name is Lucho and I'm a addict
Mike: You're such a fucking hypocrite. If you were honest you would step out there and say 'Hi, I'm Luch. I killed two people last night and I really got off on it, but I need your help to be cured.
Luch: I'm different Mike, I won't argue that with you. This is the only place that has ever helped me be normal and I've been straight up until last night for the past two years. I'm not going to kill again and I'm not going to quit coming here because it upsets you.
Mike: Yeah but for the next 29 days you're going to have to step out there and say 'Hi, I'm Luch, I'm an addict.' And everybody will know you fell off the wagon. Don't you feel stupid doing that?
Luch: No. I feel good.
Mike: someone is a liar... you know you are sick.
Luch: Yes, i am dying... You knew that already
Mike: Yes but I found it out thanks to MArshalls, not to you, asshole.
Luch: Keep Marshall alone...ok!
Mike: He's not telling you everything, He's hiding something...
Luch: I know...
Mike: Do something then.
Luch: Not quite yet.
Mike: Gosh.. Do i have to do everything for you?
Luch: Now...Are you gonna give me that stupid speech about life, lies and all that crap? since when did you became...
Mike: Oh my God... Shut up!
Luch: That's why I didn't want to do the dance Couple
Mike: Stop your fucking whining, Luch, you enjoyed doing that Couple just as much as I did, and look on the bright side, he came to us he didn't go to the Cops. If he tries to shake us down we kill him. Period. We make it fun but we kill him. End of story.
Luch: We can't Kill Marshall, he is th only one sane fo us.
Mike: Yes we can... let's do it.
Luch: Anyone who is good at what they do, wants recognition. But since I'm not going to do it anymore, I'll let Marshall take the credit.
Mike: What about me? you son of a bitch!
Luch: You are gone for ever...
Mike: Don't kid yourself, Luch, you're going to do it again.
Luch: No, I'm not. I'll continue the AA meetings and I'll control it.
Mike: But there is an answer I would like to have...
Luch: I'm here, go back to sleep..
Mike: Not until I get the answer
Luch: Go ahead, ask me..
Mike: Would you kill him?
Luch: Who?
Mike: "Him" know... him!
Luch: I would die for him...
Mike: pussy!
Luch Good Night Mike
Mike: Fuck off...
Luch: same to you Mike...

**The End**

Bueno, lo que acaban de leer talvez sea confuso o perturbador, si quieren saber mas me lo preguntan!
Los quiero!!!

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